Selection of Banff Film Festival


35 – Best Short Mountain Film      

Film makers: Nasa Koski, Austin Siadak, Matthe Van Biene, Fitz Cahall (2013, USA, 5 min) 

Focus: Climbing, culture/human story

35 routes in one day to celebrate 35 years of life? Why not? Take the birthday challenge!


High Tension – Best Film: Mountain Culture

Filmmakers: Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen, Zachary Barr, Josh Lowell  (2013, USA, 36 min)

Focus: Mountaineering

Flying fists, obscenities, and death threats at 23,000 feet? Is this the new Everest reality? This film takes a closer look at the 2013 incident at Camp II that made international headlines and had climbers Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, and Jonathan Griffith running for their lives.


The Last Great Climb – Best Film: Climbing

Filmmakers: Alastair Lee
 (2013, UK, 26 min)

Focus: Climbing

Are rock stars Leo Houlding, Sean “Stanley” Leary, and Jason Pickles up to their old tricks again? Maybe so, but they’ve brought along a few new friends and hopes of a bold new line on a remote spire in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. They’re going big again – the majestic unclimbed Ulvetanna Peak is their goal this time. But they’re in the middle of nowhere, miserably cold, a bit delirious. Hopefully it’s nothing a little adrenaline can’t cure.


Keeper of the Mountains – Special Jury Mention

Filmmakers: Allison Otto, Scott McElroy (2013, USA, 16 min)

Focus: Culture / Human story / Female

Elizabeth Hawley bucked the conventions of her time by settling alone in Kathmandu in 1960, where she began chronicling Himalayan expeditions for The Himalayan Database. Even as she turns 90, she continues to update these records with rigorous accuracy and dedication.



Filmmakers: Peter McBride (2013, USA, 4 min)

Focus: Environmental

A visual poem of the Colorado River delivers a simple yet powerful message.


Poor Man’s Heli

Filmmakers: Mike Douglas, Switchback Entertainment (2013, Canada, 6 min)

Focus: Paragliding, Skiing

A group of skiers launch themselves across a valley via paragliders to the remote slopes.

Owner James Q Martin Photography

Streams of Consequence

Filmmakers: James Q Martin (2013, USA, 17 min)

Focus:  Environmental

One of the last remaining wilderness areas in the world is threatened as plans for mega-dams on the rivers of Chilean Patagonia are solidified. What is the outcome for these people and their struggle to keep their lands dam-free?


Beyond the Drop

Filmmakers: Seth Pulford, Mark Anders, Rush Sturges (2013, USA, 7 min)

Focus: Paddling

Six pro kayakers from around the world connect in the rainforests of Southern Mexico to explore the impossibly blue water of the Agua Azul. When it comes to running waterfalls, there’s a lot more to it than just the drop.


North of the Sun (Nordfor Sola) – Grand Prize Winner / People’s Choice Award / Dolby Audio Award

Filmmakers: Inge Wegge、Anne Bergseng
 (2012, Canada, 6 min)

Focus: Adventure, Surfing, Environment, Snowboarding

Tucked between the cold Atlantic Ocean and the rocky slopes of a remote, arctic island, two young Norwegian adventurers discover their own private playground. They build themselves a cabin out of flotsam while clearing the beach of debris, then spend the long winter skiing and surfing in the haunting low light.

The Beauty of the Irrational

Filmmakers: Dean Leslie, Greg Fell, The African Attachment (2012, South Africa, 6 min)

Focus: Running

Running in the wilds of Namibia can be primal – as utterly simple and beautiful as it is daunting and irrational.


The Burn

Filmmakers: Mike Douglas, Jeff Thomas, Switchback Entertainment (2012, Canada, 6 min)

Focus: Skiing

Fire frees new lines for skiers, who revel in the newly-charred forest.


Down the Line

Filmmakers: Francois-Xavier ‘Fix’ De Ruydts, De Ruydts Photography (2012, Canada, 6 min)

Focus: Canyoning

None of these deep slot canyons and magnificent waterfalls have ever been explored – and once in, the only way out is down.


Push It

Filmmakers: Jen Randall
 (2012, UK, 26 min)

Focus: Rockclimbing, Female Climbers

Want to see what it takes to get a job done with unique style and grace – and friendship intact? Let these two women show you as they attempt their first big wall climb ever – El Capitan in Yosemite. Though yearning for greater confidence, they are inspiring from start to finish. You go! We’re behind you all the way!


Sea of Rock

Filmmakers: Sebastian Doerk, Infinite Trails Production (2012, Switzerland, 12 min)

Focus: Biking

A bicycle found lodged on a climbing route in the Austrian Alps inspires two expert riders to follow in the treads of the early cyclists, down the über-gnarly slopes of the Sea of Rock.

Pamela "Shanti" Pack working on the crux roof of the third pitch of hers and Partick Kingsbury's 3-pitch mega OW test piece in Indian Creek. "2nd amendment, Pistol Whipped Wall, Indian Creek Utah.

Sea of Rock

Filmmakers: Celin Serbo
 (2012, UK, 26 min)

Focus: Climbing

Meet Pamela Shanti Pack. Tough as nails, she’s the meanest crack climbing thug you’ve ever met. Just don’t ask her to climb slab.