Selection of Kendal Film Festival


A Fine Line

Director: Sebastien Montaz-Rosset (2013, France, 52mins) 

Focus: Adventure

A Fine Line takes us on a breathtaking journey over the spectacular snow covered peaks of the Alps, as we join a small group of extraordinary mountain athletes in their pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. Kilian Journet is an exceptional sportsman. At only 25, the ski mountaineering racer and ultra trail runner is already a multiple record holder and winner of numerous world titles in ski alpinism and mountain marathons. For him and others born in the mountains, the challenges and dangers of their environment are part of everyday life. The search for happiness can come at a very high price, but the pursuit of their passion remains an overwhelming motivation.


A New Perspective

Director: Corey Rich (2012, Germany, 9 mins)

Focus: Mountaineering

For many years, Austrian David Lama has dominated the field of international climbing. But now it’s time he raises he level once again. In July 2012 he set out with climbing partner Peter Ortner to face the Nameless Tower, part of the Trango Towers in the Karakoram mountain range, in a remote region of Pakistan. Together they attempt a free climb of Eternal Flame, one of the most notoriously challenging routes in the climbing world, made famous in 2009 by renowned German climbers the Huber brothers. At 6000 metres conditions are extreme, it’s bitterly cold, even in the height of summer the snow doesn’t melt. With minimal gear they begin their summit bid accompanied by climber and cameraman Corey Rich who captures an insight into Lama’s climbing progression. With additional sweeping shots from Remo Masina piloting a radio control Dedicam, the result is a unique panoramic view of the huge Pakistani mountain range.


Alone on the river

Director: Stephane Pion (2013, France, 37 min)

Focus: Adventure

In November 2012, an international team of paddlers set out for the distant reaches of the Langu Khola, in the recently opened Dolpo region of Nepal. It took them a month to complete the mission, trekking over 5,000m passes and paddling class 5 rapids for 560 kilometres in remote locations, utterly alone and without hope of rescue if something went wrong. In their words; one of the most rewarding expeditions in kayaking history.


Petit Bus Rouge

Director: Sebastien Montaz-Rosset  (2013, France, 32 min)

Focus: Adrenaline

Hold onto your hats and get your tickets ready to join this crazy crew for a spectacular ride, packed full of thrills and spills as we head off on a new adventure. All aboard the Little Red Bus – we’re about to depart. With plenty of new tricks planned and inspired ideas that will test the realms of possibility, talent and teamwork will be needed in abundance. Highliners, clowns, musicians, acrobats, climbers – there’s space for everyone on board the Little Red Bus. Hit the road and join the merry band travelling from Spain to Scotland, Brussels to Brevent, by air, land and sea … tumbling, flying, gliding and sliding, on a trip from the avant-garde to the extreme and all stops in between. There’s never a dull moment on the Little Red Bus.